Aktrion Automotive


Aktrion provides inspection and containment duties at goods-in or at the point of assembly to ensure the continuation of quality production. However, the service also encompasses on-site reworking, quality liaison, engineering and problem solving, site auditing, supplier development, training and project management to ensure full support for both the supplier and the OEM.

Aktrion have several divisions including food & drink, facilities management and logistics.


Aktrion’s Logistics division provide primary and secondary trunking service to major regional and national newspaper publishers.


Due to rapid growth and large daily volumes  Aktrion Logistics had an urgent requirement for automation of management and logistics process as the business was largely being operated via complex spreadsheets and reports. Daily routing information needed to be fed into a management system which then output paperwork and reporting for Aktrion administrator, suppliers and the client.

Processes were very well defined but operating via a rage of linked spreadsheets, administration quickly became a bottleneck in the business.


We were commission by Aktrion on a development basis, our consultants helped Aktrion produced a technical specification of requirements and then we were tasked with developing the informaton systems & software to deliver a new web-based management system that would enable the client to handle significantly higher volumes of business with the same level of administration resource as well as providing detailed reporting systems to clients and profiling data to Aktrion.

Our solution delivered a full bespoke database management system that offered the following facilities:

  • Online Management System – role based web application offering logins and various functionality to Aktrion administrators, suppliers and clients.
  • Route Control Screen – colour code route control screen so Aktrion could easily manage suppliers, routes, drops and material volumes.
  • Supplier Portal – private area for suppliers to obtain daily documentation as well as submit reporting information back to Aktrion which was subsequently auto-processed
  • KPI/Reporting Suite – admin and client reporting tools

Services Deployed

  • Technical Specification Creation
  • Development
  • Support

Technologies Used

  • LAMP
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • YII Application Framework
  • Integration with Google Chart Engine

Since deployment of the project we have provided numerous upgrades, enhancements and new modules to assist with other parts of the Aktrion Logistics business.