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Track and trace system developed by Logicc
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Logicc work with a range of logistics companies across the UK using traditional and mobile technologies to provide cutting-edge track, trace and reporting.


Many logistics firms struggle to provide accurate, real-time data in a very demanding market. Solid data is vital to ensure smooth communications between all parties involves such as suppliers, clients, drivers, depots and operators.


Through our consultancy service we work with a broad range of logistics providers offering various turn-key services ranging from integrations of existing systems, through to completely bespoke systems specification, build and roll-outs.

We’ve developed, integrated and launched a wide range of services to our customers including:

  • Track & Trace Platform – fully bespoke track & trace solution so clients and end customers can track status of all items instantly.
  • Client Portals & APIs – full service web portals for uploading and tracking orders.
  • API Development – we have developed custom APIs handling many thousands of orders per day and also integrated with 3rd party APIs such as Metapack.
  • Mobile Development – custom mobile apps for drivers. Our app framework offers true electronic proof of delivery, live GPS tracking all delivery drivers/vehicles and instant order status updates.
  • Barcode Scanning – provision of hardware and software solutions for smart barcode scanning.
  • WMS (Cross-dock) – complete solutions for controlling cross-dock warehouse operations, integrated tightly into the track & trace platform to give real-time location data on all items.
  • Routing/Planning Integration – integrations with industry standard vehicle planning software
  • Interactive SMS Alerts – custom sms & email alerts systems to update customers on status of their order, we have also developed interactive sms systems so rebookings and cancellations can be done directly by the end-customer.
  • Account Integrations – our development team have helped our clients integrate with their own customers systems to streamline and improve efficiency in many areas.
  • Support – we provide full testing, simulation/testing and live support services to all clients.

Technologies Used

  • PHP Application Frameworks (Zend, Symphony, Cake, Yii, CodeIgniter)
  • MySql and MSSQL Databases
  • Mobile App Development (iPhone, Android, Windows)
  • SmartScanner Development (Windows Mobile 6.5)
  • OCR
  • Managed Application & Database Hosting

If you would like a free consultation on how we could potentially help your business, please get in touch.